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Paranormal Documentary - "An Invitation to Evil - Paranormal Survivor"

Please enjoy this paranormal documentary as a means to sample and enjoy the work. If you enjoy this documentary, then please consider purchasing it through the appropriate methods and support the studios and filmmakers who made it. :)

This work is not mine, I did not record or upload it and my only intent is to share it with people as a means for exposure. If this video link is broken or the video has been removed, please contact me at Meteo(dot)Xavier(at)gmail(dot)com.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Paranormal Documentary - "Haunted New York"

Please enjoy this paranormal documentary as a means to sample and enjoy the work. If you enjoy this documentary, then please consider purchasing it through the appropriate methods and support the studios and filmmakers who made it. :)

This work is not mine, I did not record or upload it and my only intent is to share it with people as a means for exposure. If this video link is broken or the video has been removed, please contact me at Meteo(dot)Xavier(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Update As Far As Things Go

So it's April and this is my first post on the website this year! Yeah, I know I had said I'd have new material to post by now but it just hasn't worked in my schedule to get onto that. I've been busy with other projects and commissions that I've been trying to get underway and while I still mean to get a new slew of material posted on here, I still don't quite know when that will be.

All the same, I have a lot of material to post. I've had a surprising number of commissions come in (particularly by my Grandfather Vic, who recently became an author himself in a similar subject) and there will be quite a few more documentaries and stories and such to post. Just need to find the opportunity to do it!

In other news, March 2017 has been my best sales month for Phantoms Fill the Southern Skies yet and just a few minutes ago the delivery man (in total darkness, mind you) dropped off a big ol' box of books to put out to local stores. I'm also VERY happy to report that The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, a major fixture of my life and one of THE primary reasons I wanted to do such a book in the first place, took a whopping 24 copies. If I hadn't sold to anyone else in this endeavor, I'd have called it a successful book just by that alone!

Another thing I'll start doing on my website (and subsequently my Facebook page since the two are connected here) is do little spotlight posts on the stores that carry Phantoms Fill The Southern Skies, so look out for those.

Right, that's a good update for now, I'll be back in time for more.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Paranormal Folklore - The Clifton Bunny Man - Castle of Spirits

This article comes from Castle of Spirits, reprinted and shared with permission.


The tale of the Bunny Man goes back many many years. Originally it didn't start until 1931, after many murders had already been committed. For verification of the story, you can visit the "Old Clifton Library" located in Clifton, Northern Virginia, USA. What I am about to tell you is entirely true, although I've never seen the Bunny Man, everyone in Clifton believes it to be true.

(Quick reference to help you understand the story)
The Bridge has a 1 lane car road passing underneath a dual railroad track above it within the woods along a gravel road.

Back in 1903 deep in Clifton, there used to be an Asylum buried deep within the wilderness of Clifton. Pretty soon after the civil war people started inhabiting the area, population-wise around 300 or so. It was a very small town. Nonetheless people didn't like the idea about having an Asylum miles down the road, so they all got together and signed a petition stating for the Asylum to relocate elsewhere. The petition passed and anew Asylum was built which is now known as "Lorton Prison", a temporary facility until convicts are appropriately sentenced.

In Fall of 1904 the convicts were gathered and piled into the bus which was to transport them to Lorton. Somehow during the drive not too far from where they left, the driver had swerved to avoid something and the bus had started to tip and soon was rolling in a terrible collision course.

Most of the convicts were injured but had managed to escape the bus and had fled into the night woods. Later on the next morning a local police investigation had begun, and they had begun rounding up the escaped convicts. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, weeks into months. Every one was recovered after 4 months, except for 2 people, Marcus A. Wallster and Douglas J. Grifon. During the search for both men the police randomly found dead rabbits half eaten and dismembered every now and then along their search.

Finally they were to find Marcus dead himself by the Fairfax station Bridge (now known as Bunny Man's Bridge). In his hand he held a man-made hammer/knife like tool, made with a sharp rock and a pretty sturdy branch as a handle. They thought nothing and cared not of how he died, only that he was apprehended and no longer had to worry about him.

They had a name for Marcus, but later on they would realize they had named the wrong person the Bunny Man.

Still searching for Douglas, they kept on finding dead half-eaten bunny's every-so-often while the search went on. Finally they were to name Douglas the Bunny Man from then on.

3 Months passed by and the police had given up their search in April 7th 1905. Everybody assumed the Bunny Man was dead by now, if not gone, so they went on with their small town lives. Come October people started seeing dead bunny's reappearing out of the blue, and starting to fear the unseen.

Halloween Night came around, and as usual a bunch of kids had gone over to the Bridge that night to drink and do whatever kids their age in the 1900's did. Midnight came around within minutes and most of the kids had left, only 3 of them remained at the bridge.

Right at Midnight supposedly a bright light back from within the Bridge, where the kids were and less than a couple seconds later they were all dead. Throats slashed with that same type of tool that was found by the other Escapee Marcus. Not only were there throats slashed, but all up and down their chest's were a long slashes gutting them. To top it off the Bunny Man hung both of the guys from one end of a bridge with a rope around their neck, hanging from the overpass with their legs dangling in front of the pass of cars.

The woman were hung the same way, on the other side of the bridge. This happened on Halloween in 1905. After that, they didn't see or heard anything from him for another year.

Halloween 1906 was approaching and parents as well as the teens in Clifton still remember the incident that had occurred one year ago at the bridge, his bridge, Bunny Man's Bridge.

That night 7 teens were left remaining right before midnight at the bridge. Thinking little of it, six remained inside the bridge while 1, Adrian Hatala had remained a good distance from the bridge hoping to have enough time to escape if the same thing happened again. At midnight she witnessed only this, a dim light walking the railroad track right before midnight, stopping right above the bridge at midnight, then disappearing at the same as a bright flash was inside the bridge. She heard the deafening sounds of horrific screams coming from inside the bridge that lasted only seconds. 5 seconds later, they were all hung from the edge of the bridge, same style as the corpses a year earlier.

Horrified she ran home, she didn't tell of everything she saw, just spattered words here and there that some of the folk put together to come up with her story. No one understood it, or even believed her. They charged her with the murderer, and locked her up in the Asylum of Lorton. In 1913 the same thing happened with 9 teenagers this time, Halloween night again.

Adrian was still locked up. They dropped her sentence, but it was too late. The insanity had finally conquered her. Even if she was released, she was too far gone to have a decent life, so she spent her remaining years in the Asylum until she finally died in 1953 of shock.

No one knows what exactly she died in shock from, but supposedly she had died in her dreams, dreaming of that one dreaded night. Perhaps the Bunny Man had finally gotten to her.

More murders were to take place however, although after the murders in 1913 most people stayed clear of the bridge on Halloween. 1943 rolls around, and 6 teenagers go strolling out on Halloween night. A couple hours later, all of them dead, same way as all the others. Investigations took place, but as usual nothing was discovered.

1976 the same situation occurs, this time with only 3 people.

The only other incident that occurred since then was in 1987, twelve years ago. Janet Charletier was enjoying the night with her 4 friends. Halloween night had finally come and they had gone driving out to enjoy the night after invading the children's candy bags. They had settled around 11 at the bridge, waiting for midnight to come. They didn't believe in the myth so they decided to see it for themselves and were bound to be the only ones who actually withstood the Bunny Man. They had waited around 55 minutes or so, almost at midnight, until Janet started getting a little scared. They all had been pulling pranks on each other, (jumping out the bushes and screaming), so she was already a little worked up. Midnight hits, while she is completely freaked out. She's almost out of the bridge when the lights get really bright inside the bridge. When that happens her body is halfway outside of the bridge. She see's her skin start tearing at her chest but nothing is piercing her skin. She manages finally to exits the bridge. Completely horrified she hits a hanging body and knocks herself out. When she awakes she finds out her hair has turned white and she has been bleeding. She was lucky that the cut had just started, and wasn't very bad at all. She left and never returned to the bridge again.

She has been seen sitting on a swinging bench on her balcony every morning just staring in the direction towards the bridge a couple of miles down.

To this day, you can still find her on that bench every morning. From then on the story dwells untouched, and unmoved.

Halloween night, you will find a bunch of people hanging around the bridge, drinking, smoking up, but within minutes of midnight, everyone leaves. It's been like that for the past 5 years that I have visited the bridge on Halloween night. Even if its not Halloween night, any night you go there, you feel the presence of death awaiting, awaiting the night sky of Halloween yearning for more blood to be spilt in the name, in his name, Bunny Man.

O.k, so there's the tale. Here's the short myth. Halloween Night comes around. Nothing happens until midnight. Right before midnight supposedly a bunny or two enters the bridge. Right before midnight his soul (a dim light) walks the tracks above the bridge. When Midnight hits, his soul stops right above the bridge (dead center), and disappears, only to reappear inside the bridge. From then on it's his soul which lights up the whole area, so brightly that you can't even see him. That's when he instantly kills you by slitting your throat and slashing your chest, only to hang you at the edge of the bridge. You can even see the rub marks that have worn away at the rock where the body's were swinging. Who ever is inside the bridge ends up dead.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and remember, everything except for the actual myth has been in Clifton's records since the date it happened. The Old Clifton library still stands, containing those records on Microfish (however you spell it). I have looked it up myself, and its still a mystery. I'm thinking of taking this to unsolved mysteries. Let me know if you have any comments.

Timothy C. Forbes, Virginia, USA 

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Some Inspiration For 2017

In the meantime of taking a self-imposed break from posting ghostly paranormal stuff, I've decided to develop a new section for my J.S. Lawhead site that is devoted to some more inspirational spiritual things as we close out a year that really sought to remind us of the temporal nature of our existence. My site talks a lot about death from a comfortable distance, but now I want us to get a lot closer to death and talk about it without our comfort barriers up.

Let's not mince words here, 2016 was an unusually difficult year for a lot of people. Wars continue to rage across the world, violence erupts as new civil battles over politics occur here in U.S. cities, we lost a LOT of influential figures in pop culture who meant, for better or worse, a lot to us in rapid succession, more and more we see the effects of climate change go on around us and even the area I live in, one of the safest places in the American South, was affected by an extremely rare wildfire where many of my friends and day job work clients lost everything and one really weird week in April where we had 4 other very rare tragedies happen in a 4 day period. As we close out the year, my generational peers, ages 25-40, are feeling very bummed and starting to really feel the ravages of knowing that old age has begun with them and death for themselves and their loved ones are soon behind.

But the truth of the matter is that fearing or being depressed over aging and death are the most irrational fears mankind can have. Aging and death are simply change, completely inevitable, and things that would make life a lot worse if we didn't have them. You can also put aside your fears that death is going to be some kind of eternal void, eternal state of suffering, cessation, punishment or even reward - it is far more likely that whatever happens to us, or you, after death is only going to be temporary like life was anyway and eventually you'll reincarnate. This paragraph is only the bottom line of what I'm going to talk about and I'll provide much more as I go to develop this.

Now I will say that what I'm going to talk about there is going to be religious and quasi-scientific in nature. I'm not a doctor, scientist or cleric so I'm not pretending to give you the big "secret" or sell you in on something, but I am looking to do my part to help my peers shed their fears of the inevitable based on the finest wisdom I've been privileged to find, without trying to tell you to convert, in ways that are very general and based in common sense and still spiritually fulfilling. If you're depressed or scared about growing old and dying, you are who I'm looking to help there.

Things to look forward to. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Statement Regarding the Wildfires of the Smoky Mountains

Hi there. This is Jeff Lawhead, author of Phantoms Fill The Southern Skies and operator of here.

As at least some of you know, this week the area I live in has been in a state of emergency since Monday, November 28th, due to a near unprecedented series of wildfires that nearly devastated the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Although I was not personally affected by these fires and did not lose anything in the event, it has proven to be a historic tragedy in East Tennessee due to what many, many others have lost. As of writing, 13 people have died, over 80 were injured, innumerate people lost their houses and businesses, and the entire general flow of life here has been heavily upended.

As a result, I am going to temporarily cease operations of posting paranormal stuff on my website and actively trying to sell Phantoms Fill The Southern Skies. Beyond my hobby of writing about the paranormal, I work in the tourism industry for my day job, and as the wildfires and the damage they cause as part of what needs to be my business to know, I feel it's inappropriate to be talking about tragedies and ghosts in the mountains and woods when we are currently experiencing that ourselves in a way that's garnering nationwide headline news. Just really not the right time.

Again, this is only temporary and I expect to try to be resuming posting paranormal articles and videos here maybe mid-February as well as trying to sell my book.

I would also like to encourage anyone reading this to come visit the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge all the same. Even though the wildfires have devastated us, we are very much NOT closed for business. Our spirits and livelihood burn brighter than any fire and we will have an amazing Christmas holiday here nonetheless.

I think that's all I have to say about that for right now. For tourism information on the Smokies, I refer you to For news on the wildfires, I refer you to Thank you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Paranormal Folklore - The Little One (On The Road) - Castle of Spirits

This article comes from Castle of Spirits, reprinted and shared with permission.


A guy I worked with told me this story, he swore it was true...

I was driving up towards Prescott, Arizona, my girlfriend, Becky, dozing off in the seat next to me. Rolling the window partially down, in the hope that the cool air would keep me alert, I wearily kept driving my Chevy down this narrow highway road, with nothing but a thick forested area on the passenger side of me, and mostly open meadowland, with a few clumps of trees here and there, along the driver's side of the road. I had wanted to leave first thing in the morning on Friday, but Becky was called into work at the last minute, so we ended up leaving at close to eight o'clock that night. Knowing we had to head back before early Monday, I didn't want to wait until the next day to go and end up losing a good chunk of a Saturday to boot.

So here I was, it had to be close to at least ten pm by then. Driving by the light of my dim headlights, with a close to full moon overhead (full enough to see the open expanses of the passing meadow areas, anyway) I noticed some smoke or steam coming up from the sides of my car hood. This, in and of itself, was not unusual as the car was close to fifteen years old, dented up a bit, with dimmer than usual lights and hoses that seemed to know the most inopportune time to break. Add to that, a radiator that overheated during the summer months or when in use for long periods of time. This being early October, I hadn't given the radiator much thought - it hadn't bothered to act up since August, and as the saying goes 'out of sight, out of mind'. But something sure was putting off plumes under the hood, so I nudged Becky and explained in short that I had to pull over.

As I slowed down a bit, Becky rolled down her window and peered out along the edges of the dark wall of pine trees. "Up there," she exclaimed, pointing forward, "about twenty feet or so there's a dirt shoulder of some kind." Slowing to a crawl, feeling safe at the moment as another car hadn't passed us for a number of miles now, I quickly saw the flat, dirt indent, about the length and width of two cars, just to the right of the road. The dirt area, much like that whole side of the road, was lined by a knotted mass of trees, giving it the look of a half circle cut down the middle by the road. I pulled over, and turned the car off - leaving the keys hanging from the ignition. With the headlights on, I got out of the car and walked to the front of it, popping the hood. I had grabbed a flashlight out of the glove box, and so proceeded to inspect the damage.

Sure enough, the radiator had overheated. I bent down a little, to peek between the crack of the hood's bottom edge and the top of the car front, to look at Becky through the front windshield. I was going to call out, to ask her to grab the gallon bottle of water I kept behind the front seat (there since August, at least) so, once it cooled a bit, I could add water to the radiator.

Expecting to see her dozing off, or looking toward me, I was surprised to see her staring wide-eyed, mouth agape, out at the direction of the driver's side window. She was as white as a ghost. "What are you doing?" I demanded to know. She kept staring out at the meadow fields, only raising her arm slightly to point in the direction she was looking. "What?" I said, walking back towards the driver's door. As I did, I looked out into the moonlit meadow. I saw a short line of trees in the distant background, a small pine about 20-25 ft out, directly in line with the back end of the car, and, running about ten feet from that point forward, in a line almost parallel with the road, was a short brick wall, about three feet or so high. A sparse forested area began, about forty feet or so from the wall's edges, in either direction of the small meadow. "So?" I said, "Probably part of an old house, or a fence. What's the big deal about the wall?" As I got into the car, and shut the door to wait for the innards to cool, she replied - slowly, quietly - "It isn't the brick wall. It's what I saw looking at us OVER the top of the wall." I turned to her, "What? Quit screwing around." "Stuff you!" she said, "If I..." Then she stopped talking, and her gaze drifted past me, to the wall.

I turned to look. I saw a small translucent-white stocky humanoid form, just shy of three feet tall, its tiny round eyes from this distance appearing as black as night, standing in front of the wall. It slowly took a step or two towards us, its short chubby arms at its side. I screamed, and tried to turn on the flashlight. I knew the batteries were low, and sometimes had to jiggle it and turn the cap slightly to get it to work, so in my excitement I twisted the cap, the batteries flew out and I just about dirtied by pants. As the batteries were now rolling under the seat and across the floor of the car, I decided to forget that. I looked up, saw the hood was still up, and froze.

"He's going back," Becky then said. I looked out over the moonlit field again, just in time to see this....thing... scamper around the side of the wall, out of view. As Becky quickly rolled up her car window, I said I was going to shut the hood - to hell with the water, if the radiator didn't burn out we'd stop down the road and add water. "Give me the bottle. I'll dump some in the reservoir and shut the hood, you just start the car." Becky replied. As she got out and went to the front, I turned the key. The engine groaned, trying to turn over. I looked from the steering wheel, to Becky pouring some water into the reservoir, to the wall, and back again. As Becky slammed the hood shut, I looked towards the wall - to see the small, white head of the ghostly entity peering over the top of it.

"Get in the car!" I yelled, as the entity's tiny hands gripped the top of the wall, and it hoisted itself clean over - landing on its feet, running. Running towards us. Becky jumped in the passenger side, locking her door. She no longer had the bottle, which couldn't have been more than half empty now, but, under the circumstances, I didn't ask and I didn't care. I turned the key, still it wouldn't catch. "Oh, god!" Becky murmured. I didn't want to look. I turned the key again, still just that tired groan. Becky leaned over, reaching past me, hitting my door lock with one hand while rolling the window up with the other (it was one of those older, manual window knob rollup jobs). "Hurry!" she said, frightened, as she sat back up. With one more turn of the key, the car finally started, and as I punched the accelerator, I looked toward the field. That little thing was only a few feet from the edge of the road - the edge on the OTHER side of the road, thankfully, but close enough that I could see its eyes were, indeed, dark, empty holes, its mouth was open now, in a wide leering grin, and I could have sworn it had small pointed teeth but it all happened so fast. Its skin, or surface, seemed to be rolling, as the entire entity ran at my car.

As we headed down the road, I turned my rear view mirror in such a way I could see "it" - quite a bit back now, turning away from us, walking alongside the road in the opposite direction. I watched the road ahead. Then, Becky screamed. She had been half turned, looking back at the entity too. Now, she was bent straight over, her head buried in her hands. I turned my rear view mirror to and fro, but only saw the road - "it" was gone.

We drove another twenty minutes or so with the car smoking a small portion of the way. The car overheated again as we entered the outskirts of town, only then would Becky let me stop. As we parked and waited at the first gas station we hit, I asked what had happened. "I was watching it, it stopped at the edge of the road." she answered. "I know," I said, "I saw it walking away." "Yeah," she answered "it was walking away. But as it walked away, its head turned all the way around, still grinning, and it watched us drive away." Needless to say, when we headed back we left at 10.00 am, to be sure we'd get back LONG before nightfall.

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