Vulgarity For The Masses

The revolution of re-evolution
begins now!

When the dust settled over the world at large, the people sat down to rest the billions of aching feet and hands and breasts and necks that had crawled over the cracking crust. Vulgarity was the shepherd to drive the sheep to the new Word. The masses were given a break only in jest; a cruel temptation for a new life of endless marching over the red crestfallen streets toward the Zealot's Zenith, far, far below.

"Desperate times call for desperate pleasures..." slithered the vulgar lips of the shepherd as his sermon droned on. This sermon in the pit would go on to become the Lead Rule for all the dark forces, who conspired to hide the world that God created from his prying eyes, to follow as they go out to twist the rock that gave us life.

But as these fiends left to do their work, the shepherd was left by himself. As he went on and on, preaching the Word of Vulgarity for the masses, he learned all too late that his Word was not breaking their spirits; it was making them stronger. His words were attaching to the parts of their being that speak to the evils of men; the parts that could not be broken, no matter what. The people became vulgar and found a way to lust for the darkness the shepherd had put in their hearts. Desperate times called for desperate pleasures, and they took great pleasure in devouring the mad zealot right then and there.

Naturally, this is not the end of the story here; it only slightly resembles a beginning. A whole history of madness and struggle lie ahead for the disfigured children of Adam. An entire world had to be taken back, piece by piece, blood for blood, until all debts were paid with a river of carnage and supernal extirpation.

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