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Paranormal Folklore - Mr. M and Pepper - The Shadowlands

 This article comes from The Shadowlands, reprinted and shared with permission.

Mr M and Pepper


Last month, I had a 91 year old hospice patient, "Mr. M" who was dying of CHF. His wife had died 2 years ago, so he was alone. He had long since given up being able to care for his pet dog "Pepper", a small, rat-looking, yappy dog who was 16 (112 in dog years) herself. Pepper had to be taken away a few weeks ago so she could be taken care of by Mr. M's daughter, who lived 10 miles away.

I was called in to see Mr. M after he had declined to the point that his doctor had discharged Mr.M from the hospital to go home and be comfortable for his last few hours.

By this point, Mr. M was catamose, nonresponsive to family and obviously near the end. Only myself and Mr M's son-in-law were in the house. The rest of the family kept their vigil at their own houses, wating for my call.

All of a sudden, Mr. M opened his eyes and said " Come on Pepper", and died.

While not unexpected, the death was so quick and strange, we were kind of stunned. Not 2 minutes later, Mr M's daughter telephoned to tell us Pepper had died.

I have heard of things like this before, but this was my first experence. Has anyone else heard or experence similar deaths?

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