Friday, December 30, 2016

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Some Inspiration For 2017

In the meantime of taking a self-imposed break from posting ghostly paranormal stuff, I've decided to develop a new section for my J.S. Lawhead site that is devoted to some more inspirational spiritual things as we close out a year that really sought to remind us of the temporal nature of our existence. My site talks a lot about death from a comfortable distance, but now I want us to get a lot closer to death and talk about it without our comfort barriers up.

Let's not mince words here, 2016 was an unusually difficult year for a lot of people. Wars continue to rage across the world, violence erupts as new civil battles over politics occur here in U.S. cities, we lost a LOT of influential figures in pop culture who meant, for better or worse, a lot to us in rapid succession, more and more we see the effects of climate change go on around us and even the area I live in, one of the safest places in the American South, was affected by an extremely rare wildfire where many of my friends and day job work clients lost everything and one really weird week in April where we had 4 other very rare tragedies happen in a 4 day period. As we close out the year, my generational peers, ages 25-40, are feeling very bummed and starting to really feel the ravages of knowing that old age has begun with them and death for themselves and their loved ones are soon behind.

But the truth of the matter is that fearing or being depressed over aging and death are the most irrational fears mankind can have. Aging and death are simply change, completely inevitable, and things that would make life a lot worse if we didn't have them. You can also put aside your fears that death is going to be some kind of eternal void, eternal state of suffering, cessation, punishment or even reward - it is far more likely that whatever happens to us, or you, after death is only going to be temporary like life was anyway and eventually you'll reincarnate. This paragraph is only the bottom line of what I'm going to talk about and I'll provide much more as I go to develop this.

Now I will say that what I'm going to talk about there is going to be religious and quasi-scientific in nature. I'm not a doctor, scientist or cleric so I'm not pretending to give you the big "secret" or sell you in on something, but I am looking to do my part to help my peers shed their fears of the inevitable based on the finest wisdom I've been privileged to find, without trying to tell you to convert, in ways that are very general and based in common sense and still spiritually fulfilling. If you're depressed or scared about growing old and dying, you are who I'm looking to help there.

Things to look forward to. :)
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