Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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Update As Far As Things Go

So it's April and this is my first post on the website this year! Yeah, I know I had said I'd have new material to post by now but it just hasn't worked in my schedule to get onto that. I've been busy with other projects and commissions that I've been trying to get underway and while I still mean to get a new slew of material posted on here, I still don't quite know when that will be.

All the same, I have a lot of material to post. I've had a surprising number of commissions come in (particularly by my Grandfather Vic, who recently became an author himself in a similar subject) and there will be quite a few more documentaries and stories and such to post. Just need to find the opportunity to do it!

In other news, March 2017 has been my best sales month for Phantoms Fill the Southern Skies yet and just a few minutes ago the delivery man (in total darkness, mind you) dropped off a big ol' box of books to put out to local stores. I'm also VERY happy to report that The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, a major fixture of my life and one of THE primary reasons I wanted to do such a book in the first place, took a whopping 24 copies. If I hadn't sold to anyone else in this endeavor, I'd have called it a successful book just by that alone!

Another thing I'll start doing on my website (and subsequently my Facebook page since the two are connected here) is do little spotlight posts on the stores that carry Phantoms Fill The Southern Skies, so look out for those.

Right, that's a good update for now, I'll be back in time for more.
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