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The “Crawling Man” of Michigan City, Indiana

This is an article I found recently at As posted on their site:

“It was the middle of summer. Heat lighting was flashing over the lake. Several friends and I were at this dudes beach house. It wasn’t very late, maybe an hour or 2 after sunset.

We all went outside onto the 2nd story back deck to smoke. I was watching the lightning. The house was only a few hundred feet away from the shore. But the walk to the beach takes a minute because there was a grassy dune between it and the shore.

So a couple of us noticed a light beam from a flashlight coming over the dune. It was scanning the grass, like they were walking around or possibly looking for something. Most people on the beach at night don’t use lights. It’s actually pretty bright all night on lake Michigan after your eyes get use to it.

The light sweeps by something in the grass, then it shines back onto it. What was illuminated was very strange.

It appeared to be a naked guy crawling around on the grass. Although, it had elongated arms and legs. It was moving kinda fast crunched over. It only lasted a few seconds, long enough for all of us to see it.

Then, after the thing ran off, the flashlight shines directly at us. It stayed pointing at us until it went out after a few seconds. Creepy.

So, were all like WTF was that, we ask asked what each other saw. We all seen a weird stretched out naked guy.

I wanted to go down there. I wanted to see if we could find it. But, no one would go and they were creeped out and wanted to go back inside.

I was very disappointed, but I wouldn’t go alone. I still regret it.

The only explainable thing it could have possibly been was a drunk gangly naked guy. But, I don’t think so because it looked abnormally stretched, the light pointed at us, and it freaked everyone out. It was something strange. I can’t say what the height of it was accurately. But, it didn’t seem very big, maybe around 7ft tall.

My husband said it looked like something from a Marilyn Manson music video.”

NCS Notes:

* As mentioned before, I’m not sure if I would classify this sighting as a cryptid. Although the mention of elongated arms and legs are really creepy, it could have been, as the witness stated, some naked guy crawling in the grass.

* However, what strikes me as unusual is the companion the “crawler” had. The person holding the flashlight in the dunes shines the light on the crawler, but then keeps the light focused on the witness, as to allow time for the humanoid figure to make a getaway.

* One individual on the National Cryptid Society Facebook page asked if it may have been the “Rake.” Which, according to other reports of the rake, it is an aggressive humanoid, and this encounter in particular describes the subject as simply crawling in the grass and “running” away.

* Another explanation for what the witness observed could be that the individual in the grass suffered from a genetic disease called “Marfan Syndrome.”
This condition has the following externally-observable symptoms:
- Tall and slender build
- Disproportionately long arms, legs and fingers
- A breastbone that protrudes outward or dips inward
- A high, arched palate and crowded teeth
- An abnormally curved spine
Individuals affected by Marfan Syndrome also may suffer from extreme nearsightedness and heart murmurs among other symptoms.

This article and the crawling man picture posted here come from The other picture I found on Google images. I own none of the content here, just reposting it with attribution.
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